Website ProCollecta

The present user conditions govern the use of our sales platform between ProCollecta and its users.
The user of our online sales platform agrees that they know their rights and obligations in connection with the use of this platform.

  1. Legal Form

    General partnership ProCollecta

  2. Registered office of the company

            2560 Kessel, Merelstraat 8, België

  3. Contact details

  4. Company number

    Business number of Cross-point bank: 0731716629


    The purpose of the company exists in:

    • The auctioning of collectibles of all kind
    • The provision of services by general partnership ProCollecta

    ProCollecta only provides services regarding the functions, nature and form of the website.

  6. Method of payment

    The amount that the buyer should pay to the seller is deposited via ProCollecta into an Escrow( blocked account). This blocked bank account is held with a neutral and financially reliable third party, the Escrow agent.

    De Escrow agent only pays the received amount if the seller has met all his obligations towards ProCollecta and the buyer.

  7. The total price of the goods
      1. Registration as a seller: you need a seller’s account

        You munst register as a private individual or as a professional seller.

        As a professional seller, an icon appears next to your username with the lots that you offer. In order to make sales or receive payments, our payment provider may need additional identification such as your bank account number, Chamber of Commerce information and VAT identification…

        To be eligible as a professional seller, you are required to provide a valid VAT number.

      2. Right of withdrawal

        As a professional seller you must abide by the EU’s right of withdrawal;

        this means that the buyers in the European Economic Area have the right of withdrawal with a cooling-off period of 14 days.  (see model form cancellation)


      3. Offering of the lots

        Once you are registered as a seller, you can offer lots for the auction.

        When you offer a lot, you must provide a clear and comprehensive description of your lot with a minimum of information of:

        • A correct and accurate description( including any shortcomings) of the lot.
        • One or more clear photos that accurately reflect the state of the lot.
        • The starting price( if applicable): this is the minimum selling price, depending on the value of the lot determined by the seller.
        • A statement of shipping costs.

        The starting price of a lot will be at least 5 euros. The offer of a lot under the value of 5 euro is not aceepted.

      4. Sale of the lot - Commission

        The seller pays ProCollecta a commision of 6% on the final bid. After the buyer has paid the purchase price, the buyer’s commission and any possible transport costs to ProCollecta and the seller has sent the lot tot he buyer,the payment of the purchase price will be transferred tot he seller( after deduction of the sellers’s commission.)

        When the online auction is closed, a sales contract is automatically concluded with the highest bidder, unless the minimum price has not been reached.

        As soon as the lot has been sold, the buyer is asked to pay the purchase price, including the buyer’s commission and any transport costs, to ProCollecta. As soon as the buyer has paid, the seller will be notified so that he can deliver the lot to the buyer or make an arrangement for its collection. The delivery of the lot must take place within five (5) working days after the receipt of the payment confirmation.

        The seller is responsible for sending the lot tot he buyer. To avoid the risk of damage and/ or loss, the lots must be sent with “track and trace” and it is also recommended to send them buy registered mail.

        However, a payment can be suspended if the buyer has reported a dispute to ProCollecta of, for example, damage to the lot or no conformity with the described lot. Failure to comply with your obligations to the buyer gives him the right to terminate the sales contract. This means that the resulting damage tot he buyer must be paid back, including the purchase price received.

        The seller agrees that a transaction, after sending multiple payment reminders, will be canceled in case of non-payment by the buyer. This lot can then be offered for sale again after canceling the transaction.

        The payment service of our online sales is provided by the payment provider called MOLLIE. Mollie supports all known payment methods. By selling on the online sales from ProCollecta, you agree to comply with the relevant conditions of Mollie.

      1. Sales contract

        A member who has the highest bid at the end of the online auction, agrees to comply with the bid made and he has to accept the terms and conditions of sale (description, photos, payment method, delivery method and possible costs…)

        Minimum price: If the seller has set a minimum price and your bid is lower than this minimum price, no sales contract will be concluded.

        When concluding the sales contract, the buyer pays a commission of 6% on the final bid.

      2. Cancellation of the agreement
        • If, after the sale is concluded, the seller should change the payment conditions or the shipping costs.
        • If the seller, without stating a valid reason, refuses to sell or deliver the product.
        • If the seller has not delivered the product within 5 working days after receiving the payment confirmation.
        • If the lot leaves much to be desired (damaged or not in accordance with the description) and the seller is a private person, a refund can only be demanded if the seller has made a clear mistake in the description of the lot.
        • If the lot leaves much to be desired (damaged or not in accordance with the description) and the seller is a professional seller, the buyer has 14 legal days from receipt of the lot to send it back and request a refund of the lot.

        Professional sellers must comply with the applicable legislation. The following website can provide you with useful information: nl.htm

        (click among other things on (“Consumers” – Unfair treatment)

      3. Payment of the lots

        As soon as the sale-/purchase agreement has been concluded between the highest bidder (buyer) and the seller, the buyer is asked to pay the purchase price plus the buyer’s commission and any transport costs to ProCollecta.

      4. d) Conclusion of the sale and delivery

        If the buyer makes the correct payment to ProCollecta, ProCollecta will provide the buyer’s details to the seller, so that he can send the purchased lot tot he correct address of the buyer or makes an arrangement for the collection of the lot. The delivery of the lot must take place within five (5) working days after receipt of the payment confirmation.

        The buyer must ensure that his address is correct for delivery.

        In the event of problems, ProCollecta must be contacted three (3) days after delivery to inform us of any problems with regard to the purchase.

        After this period of three (3) days, the acceptance of the complaint expires and the seller will receive the payment.

        The payment service of our online sales is provided by the payment provider MOLLIE. Mollie supports all known payment methods. By selling on ProCollecta, you agree to comply the relevant Mollie terms and conditions.