Procollecta User Manual

User Guide

This section of the manual covers the functionality of the user interface of Procollecta auction software.

User Registration

Registering to use Procollecta auction software is very quick and simple, and uses an email confirmation process to avoid fraudulent or spam sign-ups.

  1. Start by going to the home page of your auction site and click on My Account > Sign Up on the upper navigation bar:
  2. Enter your details into the registration form:
  3. Click on the Submit button and the bottom of the form to complete your registration. You will now be sent a confirmation email.
  4. Check your email for the Procollecta confirmation email.
    (If you don't find your e-mail, check also the spam)
  5. You can now login to your Procollecta auction site and begin buying and selling auction items:

Introduction To Dashboard & Members' Area

After logging in, go to Dashboard. This gives you access to all of the main functionality of the auction system and to a list of item categories, showing you how many items are for sale in each one:
The main areas of functionality in the members' area are:


The messaging section of the Members' Area allows you to read, archive and reply to all the messages you have sent and received:
Click on Inbox or Sent to see a list of your messages. To read a message, simply click on the link (in blue color) and the message will load for you:
To archive a message, select the checkbox to the side of the message (1) you want to archive and click on the archive button. To archive all messages, select the checkbox in the tittle bar of the messages (2) :

Sending Messages

You can send messages to sellers from all item listings.
  1. Scroll down the listing until you find the Questions & Answers section:
  2. Type in the question you would like to ask the seller:
  3. Click Send to send the message. You can see all of your sent and received messages in your Members' Area, under Messages.


The Buying section provides you with an overview of



At the heart of your auction experience is bidding on items you'd like to buy. Procollecta allows you to purchase items in several ways: